People kept telling us that they wished there was a coffee shop at the beach that would be open year round, to sit and relax with a good cup of coffee & a sandwich. So… we opened one.

Every community needs a place; a warm comfortable place to meet. To socialize, talk and get to know someone better. We want to be that place to you.

We just so happen to have the best locally roasted coffee beans to serve you the freshest coffee and espresso drinks, a wide variety of breakfast fare and  hand crafted panini sandwiches, along with an assortment of baked goods.

We’d love it if you stopped by to chat and say hi. Look over our events calendar to see if any of our workshops that we will be holding during the winter months are of any interest to you, and if you happen to grab one of our custom made espresso drinks or a fresh brewed coffee while you’re here, that would be even better. After all… It’s your neighborhood café.


Carol and Lenny Paul

Carol and Lenny Paul